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Oculoplastic Clinic in Chuo-ku, Ginza, Tokyo OCULO FACIAL CLINIC TOKYO|Ophthalmology / Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery


Facility and Equipment


  • Entrance / Waiting room / Reception
    Our staff greets patients with a smile in a room with relaxing atmosphere.
  • Waiting room / Reception
    Please do not hesitate to tell us about your problems and concerns. We always strive for the most compassionate response to any problem.
  • Counseling room
    We will explain about your treatment in the private counseling room.
  • Examination room
    We will examine the conditions and symptoms of your eyes.
  • Laboratory
    We have state-of-the-art testing equipment and a system so that we can perform tests promptly and accurately.
  • Operating room
    We will provide the best treatment in our clean operating room equipped for various surgeries.
  • Recovery room
    You can rest in the recovery room after surgery.
  • Powder room
    A space you can use to redo your makeup after treatment.


We provide safe medical services of the highest quality to our patients using a wide range of medical equipment.

Various sterilization equipment for complete prevention of hospital infection.

We use a various assortment of instruments, be it for outpatients or surgeries. They include instruments for treatment, surgical instruments, or surgical gowns. We strive to secure safety of our patients by sterilizing each and every instrument with the best sterilization method using our topnotch sterilizing equipment.

A high-powered microscope used for complicated and meticulous surgeries. It shows the details of orbital tissues clearer than ever.